Javed Gaya is a lawyer based in Mumbai, India. He is a a graduate of Oxford University and has been a writer and academic; he continues to write in a number if Indian and foreign publications. He is also a Company Director, he serves on the board of TAIB Securities, a Bahrain based Investment Bank. As a lawyer he specializes in international arbitration and has worked in various jurisdictions in Dubai, Zurich, the United Arab Emirated Switzerland and in the British Virgin Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. He is also experienced in structuring investments and setting up Indian entities for doing business and has an excellent Private client base.

He is also involved in matrimonial matters and in this context is familiar and has written upon the personal laws, particularly the Islamic Shariat and women's rights. He has had major experience in counselling couples particularly high successful professionals and in this context has worked jointly with Julia Noakes offering a different cultural perspective on the problems faced by highly motivated professionals in India and how this may impact upon their family life and ability to develop and sustain relationships. He is al so familiar with principles of corporate governance and how professional organizations and individuals should conduct themselves and deal with their personal problems.

Javed Gaya